PSI Energy Production Services

PSI Energy Production Services specializes in operating advanced flowback equipment and offers a variety of production testing and flowback services throughout the U.S.

The company was initially organized in Cheyenne, Wyoming in October of 2011 in response to the continued growth and demand within the oil and gas industry for a high quality and technically oriented production testing and flowback company.

The cornerstone of our organization is our relentless commitment to safety and our ability to merge state-of-the art technology with the skills of a highly trained and motivated workforce to provide our customers with unparalleled services and results.

Importantly, whenever we undertake a project, we manage and operate our assets in a manner consistent with our core values to comply with applicable EH&S laws, regulations, and our own internal standards.

What We Do

As part of its customer focus and commitment, PSI Energy Production Services exploits technological innovation to provide an array of production testing and flowback services for well production through to completion. This includes simultaneous operations in conjunction with frac, work-over, coil tubing, and wireline services.