Production Testing & Flowback Services

PSI Energy Production Services provides an array of production testing and flowback services for well production through to completion. This includes simultaneous operations in conjunction with frac, work-over, coil tubing, and wireline services.

  • Well data collection and analysis
  • In-line well testing and sampling
  • Frac screen-out flowback support
  • Single and multi-stage frac flowback support
  • Frac ball recovery
  • Well and pipeline flaring
  • Material balanced metering of gas and liquids
  • Vessel operating pressures to 1,000 psi
  • Bleed offs
  • Circulation and stimulation flowback control
  • Well drill-out and clean-out support
  • Computer generated electronic and web based reporting
  • Daily in-house and client based conference calls

PSI is committed to safety, quality, reliability, and to providing our customers with a comprehensive "Best-In-Class Service at a Competitive Price".

Production Testing and Flowback Brochure, click to dowload
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